Designer Bio

WILDNESS was founded in 1985 as a custom clothier catering to the entertainment industry of Cleveland, Ohio. While attending Kent State University earning her Bachelor Degree of Fine & Professional Arts, Wendy Marsh designed, & created unique, affordable one-of-a-kind apparel for local musicians, entertainers and party-goers. With the onslaught of Grunge music, in the late 80's, the need for Glam-Rock, flashy clothing was lost and Wendy headed to the West Coast to follow her artistic calling.

By the early '90s, WILDNESS was producing hand painted garments for the luxury resort industry of Arizona. With her degree in textiles, it was only natural for the newly introduced computerized embroidery industry to spark Wendy's interest. She worked part time as a seamstress and an embroidery machine operator as she created & sold design concepts under the WILDNESS name to local Resort wear manufacturers . By the late '90s, Wendy had gained invaluable knowledge of the booming embroidery production business as well as becoming fluent with several embroidery machine types, and the software produced for digitizing.

Wendy became a digitizing software trainer for Hirsch International, one of the largest commercial embroidery machine distributors in the world. It was then, while also working as a freelance designer, Wendy pursued and developed the skills to become an exceptional embroidery artist and embroiderer. On her pursuit to learn (and earn) more, she accepted an offer as an in-house digitizer for a multi-million dollar promotional product company. Wendy soon purchased an embroidery machine and software becoming a vendor to the very promotional product company that hired her years before. Now, after tens of thousands of designs, 16 hour days of punching and hours invaluable customer care, WILDNESS is still going strong, and happy to be!