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WILDNESS digitizing and embroidered art is a woman owned service provider to the contract embroidery industry. At WILDNESS, every customer has different ideas, expectations and needs when it comes to digitized design creation. From digitizing and production to creative design and apparel, the focus of WILDNESS is to create unique embroidered art with exceptional quality by pushing the envelope and challenging the rules. Being a rebel in the artistic world of embroidery is what WILDNESS is all about. Standing apart from the crowd, looking past the conventional boundaries of ‘the box.' WILDNESS provides true customer service 24/7 with constant e-mail contact and follow-up. Since 2000, WILDNESS has focused on the detail specific requests and needs of its clients, including special attention to production efficiency to deliver quality digitizing with an edge.

Continuing customer satisfaction and long term business relationships give WILDNESS its reputation as one of the finest digitizing studios in the South West.